Eggs from the Golden Goose

Painting real empty eggshells is a strange craft but I have been enchanted by it for a long time. I guess it all started -as with everything- in the early childhood, and the love I had for birds, feathers and eggs. A challenge also, as no-one that has never seen his meticulous work of many months being crashed by his own hands -accidentally of course- can understand how treacherous this craft really is.
As the years got by, I tried to be more focused and specific to the subject rather than the materials. But more than feeling satisfied for the work completed, I feel overwhelmed with ideas that stir before my eyes and linger, impatiently waiting.
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Eggs of all sizes, shapes and colors!

inspired by pietra dura

quail eggs in watercolor & brass stand

  • egg1
  • egg2
  • egg3

treasure's tree

quail & pullet eggs, various techniques

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  • egg5
  • egg6

inspired by real treasures

hen & turquey eggs

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  • egg8
  • egg9

inspired by Venetian masks

hen eggs in fabric dress